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How Our Story Began

You are probably wondering WHO WE ARE, and who is behind this amazing online art gallery that provides a safe place for different types of

Abstraction and the art of Movement

ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM Abstract Expressiοnism relates to different art styles that emerged during the 1940s, after the Secοnd World War, and it is regarded as the

Sexual objectification and neutral gender

The body is the basis for the distinction between sexes. However, in the tradition debate between biological and environmental determinants of psychological gender differences, the

How To Resize Images

Image resizing plays a very important part in displaying the images in the website cleaner but also, correctly resized images play a major role in

How to Add Watermark on Images

One way of protecting your uploaded images to Trifens and in general to the web is by watermarking them. Learn how to design a useful

About Us

A group of Artists who are trying to build an Artistic community and a friendly environment for everyone. Here you can find priceless Artwork from Unique Artists in our Trifens family based all around the world.

Art is life

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