About Us

About Us


A group of young artists who are trying to build an artistic community and a friendly setting for the customers and all platform users. We work hard on a daily basis to ensure Trifens has the best environment for everyone. We proudly promote staggering artwork from unique artists around the world, who continuously produce distinctive pieces of art that everyone can take advantage of.

Our dream is to create a worldwide family of artists and enthusiasts! Art brings joy to everyone’s lives and Trifens aims to offer a professional service, which grows, expands, and develops according to feedback, ideas, criticism and constructive discussions with all who come into contact with us and our products. 


At Trifens we take all the time needed to make sure that our artists create products with the best quality and value for our customers. Explore Trifens and discover amazing art pieces! Make yourself or a loved one the perfect gift! Here you can find priceless artwork from young artists from our emerging family. These remarkable artists have been chosen by us carefully among many and we guarantee the quality of their work and originality. We try to involve artists that create art pieces you would not find easily on the street or at a shop, coming directly from their art studios, mostly handmade with many of them having the added option to personalize items.


Trifens is an independently owned and operated, verified business founded with the key vision of making a difference in the immense world of Art commerce. Serving the artistic needs of discerning people worldwide of all ages and artistic preferences. While other companies offer low quality and high prices, Trifens offers products that exceed your own high standards of quality! 

We want people to get in touch with the art world trade and seize the opportunity of having exposure to all types of artists, who produce unique creations and alluring pieces of art, all in one place. Trifens offers the ability to acquire it directly from their creator, this has the added positive effect of ensuring the artist benefits to the maximum for earnings on their creations.

Moreover, we ourselves as artists, respect and promote these artists work by giving them the opportunity and all the necessary tools to share their pieces through our website and promoting them again at no cost to social media and other websites to help them increase their audience and grow faster. Here, these extraordinary Artists can share their ideas without loosing huge amounts of profits on commissions that other websites use; and that is WHERE WE ARE DIFFERENT! We care about the art world more than others!


We only choose artists that share the same or even more passion for quality and individuality that we do, providing them with this platform where they can demonstrate their talent and bring themselves to light at extremely low cost, which not many other websites have, and help them emerge through skipping many of the possible difficulties.

Select your favorite items from your beloved artist or artists or create your personalized selection and the seller will ship it to you as soon as possible. With Trifens you can discover lots of amazing artwork that comes from around the world made from unique artists.

About Us

A group of Artists who are trying to build an Artistic community and a friendly environment for everyone. Here you can find priceless Artwork from Unique Artists in our Trifens family based all around the world.

Art is life

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